Friday, October 1, 2010

It's all in a Name

Incredible pressure has kept me from starting a blog before now. What pressure? The pressure I felt when I clicked on the icon to “start a blog” and then read the first blank to be filled in. “Title of Blog.”  Hmmm. Title. Should it be a statement about me? What I am hoping to accomplish? Something clever? It all seemed too difficult, and like something to face later.

I have to say I am gun-shy of titles about me, since I had a bad experience with usernames. One day when we were having internet difficulties, I was on the phone with a tech guy who was being inappropriately flirty with me. And he was not flirty in a cute, complimentary way. It left me wracking my brain as to why. I hadn’t said anything inappropriate. He had my username and password and had asked if some of it was the year I was born. And I replied that it was. So, I asked Teddy (because he is a guy) if there was something up with my username that I didn’t understand. My username was a combination of the Girl Scout camp nicknames of myself and my best friend in fourth grade. And it was completely innocent and something I could easily remember. It was” thumperbunny62. “
Teddy laughed when he heard it, “Really Mom?” 
“What?!” I responded.
He asked, “What do they call the ladies at the Playboy mansion?”
”Oh” I said. ‘What do they call the rabbit in Bambi?!” I retorted!
I guess a lot depends on your point of view.

So, since I would like to use this blog to write, I thought about my writing and remembered how I “learned” to type working on the newspaper in high school. I typed like the old-school journalists with two fingers. And I got to be pretty darn fast at it, when my mom didn’t type my articles. It has been a bad habit that I still struggle to break and I am still a poor typist. Maybe this blog will help.
Signed by my new usernames- “Godsgirl62” or “Canttouchthis81”


  1. Hi Laura! Love the blog, love the layout, love your title and user name. But you can say that you really started the blog because you figured if I can blog, andyone can! Just kidding! I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog. We'll be blogging buddies!
    Have fun!

  2. I'm so proud of you. I think you have a talent for writing and I am looking forward to reading. I'm kind of dumb about blogs-how will I know when you've posted something new???

  3. Laura this is great. Your such an incredibly smart and astute women and I can't wait to read what you write here. I also have a blog and realize how difficult it can be. You can do this!

  4. Mom, you crack me up! Love the change in passwords!

  5. Hooray! you started a blog. They get easy after a while, and I love the title. I look forward to seeing what you write. Good luck with it.